• Larry Judd
  • Computer Software and Hardware Engineer
  • Sunland Computers & Tradesouthwest
  • 520-424-4184
  • laserbeamlarry@live.com


My expertises are in development and deployment of Internet related products and I have over 6 years programming experience and 25 years in the computer industry. My skills are in Printer and Plotter repair; Server, Laptop and Desktop services; HTML5, CSS3, PHP, PDO, MySQL, SQLite, Javascript. Prefer Bootstrap for creating responsive websites (self-proclaimed pioneer).

My goal is to retire as a developer and programmer, so I have been working on changing my skill sets for the past 6 years to reflect these goals.

Research Interests

Software Engineering, Machine Language, Image Processing, Computer Services, Networks, Data Science, Application Databases, Custom Website Design, Land and Marine Radio Communications.

Key Expertise

  • Warranty repair for all HP, Compaq computer and printers.
  • On site customer service technician
  • Installation of IBM, HP, Compaq, Dell, Toshiba, Epson, Lexmark, NEC products
  • In house and on site repair of terminals and workstations. DEC, IBM, WYSE, HP
  • Design and build connectivity devices for networking.
  • Over 40 HP certifications in plotters, printers, MFPs and server products.


Degree Graduation Year CGPA
Associates of Art in Computer Science and Electronics1989 3.90