Appeal features a pull-quote block in the main content to display a short teaser. Pullquote uses the theme editor “excerpt” that is activated from “Screen Options” admin menu in upper right. Layouts show three columns on desktop sizes. For tablets, two columns at top with one at bottom. One column for mobile and small devices. Gravatar is screen-reader friendly and Author link, next to Gravatar in post title, uses its own menu to add author social and promotional links. Author page template and author modal. Theme has two blank banners that can be populated with widgets. Options: Set pullquote word-length and width; Set post excerpt length; Set Header color or image; Change background color of page, content area, footer and sidebars; Remove or show titles; Upload logo to top; Upload header image and change link colors.


  1. I am using your theme; it’s very nice, tho i struggle with WordPress. I’m used to using an html editor.

    Q: my header image shows up left-justified. How do i fix that?

  2. I would love some help.
    How can i eliminate the right-side line of links; ie., the line that has Site admin, login/out, Rss feed, Comments Feed?
    I have my own login page, which appears in my menu bar (i am using redirects thru a widget via my own login/logout pages to avoid my members from seeing that ugly wordpress login page).

    I do want to keep the admin area dashboard, available at top left.
    I would dearly love some help with this.

  3. pf, Thanks for posting here, although I rarely check this blog for anything that is support related. You will find more info on the w.org repo of the Appeal theme. I’m hoping this is where you found your other answers as well. Cheers. Larry

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